Our Achievements

ebay Shop Management

Our ebay shop was able to reach a monthly sales turnout of 1 million USD, becoming one of the nation's largest ebay shops. We mainly sell entertainment and hobby goods.

Operations Consulting to TPJ.

We work together with one of the biggest fishing companies in the Philippines [TPJ] as their fishing consultant. With our company’s consulting support, the assigned ship was able to achieve 10,000 tons + fish haul.

Aloha! Hawaii (Management Collaboration with Dream Lab Corp.)

We operate a Facebook page called [Aloha! Hawaii], the largest scale page within the Hawaii community. It has 42,000 members, reaches 1,800 page views per month, and with a high engagement (repeat) of 80%, its popularity is undeniable.

Sendai Days

We created a Facebook page that gives announcements on Sendai restaurants, event information and the like. The page has around 7,500 members and garners 10,000 page views on a monthly basis.