Privacy Policy

In our company, we show up following privacy policy, and pay attention to save customer’s or register’s personal information as well.
After you send your information from our contact form, we figured out you agreed our privacy policy, so please read it carefully.

Personal information is recognized “personal” by “Name” ”email address”.

The way of gathering for personal information is from “Name ” ”email address”. All of information is used under the Japanese law.

The use of your personal information is basically “Answer to your question” or “Contact yourself”.

Of course, we will not show “3rd person” your information.

However, we will show your information as following cases.

Requirement under the law.

We judged it is important for human life and financial crisis.

Requirement from government.

We strictly protect your personal information, but we are hard to protect your personal information following cases.

Disclosed your information as anybody can access your information.

Disclosed your information if you show up other site.

Disclosed your password from your device you have.

Mistaken to enter wrong email.